Hazardous materials storage: eliminating the risk

As a business that handles hazardous materials, safety will be right at the top of your agenda. At Chemstore, we leave nothing to chance.

Protect your employees, your facilities and the environment through an extensive range of proven products and services. We’ll provide you with sector-specific advice and insight, and recommend a solution that works for you.
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You can count on Chemstore

We’re the market leading provider of safety solutions and we’ve achieved that distinction through best practice, our accreditations, faultless service and trusted products.

Site safety. Hazardous materials storage. Spill response. Compliance. Whatever your requirements, the protection of your business community is our priority.
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Seamless management of hazardous materials across your organisation.

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25 years in numbers

105 Million Litres Stored
521,000 Drums
Chemstore products have enabled our clients to safely store over 520,000 drums of hazardous liquids – that's over 105 million litres of hazardous liquid. Did you know that could fill over 40 Olympic swimming pools !
10,200 units
We have manufactured and installed over 10,200 bunded safety stores. Did you know that's more than 408,000 hours of manufacturing, a lot more than the 10,000 hours required to master the craft !
11,690 tested
and certified
Our specialist engineers have inspected and hydrostatically tested 11,690 bunds and secondary containment systems
Assess and protect
We take your safety seriously. And when you contact us to look after your hazardous materials, we’ll take the time to come and carry out a full site assessment – for free. By getting the best possible understanding of your specific needs and the challenges you face, we can deliver the best possible solution.
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