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Acids & Bases Cabinets| Corrosive Cabinets | Laboratory Cabinets

Acids & Bases Cabinets| Corrosive Cabinets | Laboratory Cabinets

Chemstore Corrosive Cabinets are offered in a complete range of sizes and specifications for the safe storage of aggressive substances in laboratories, surgeries & production areas. Our cabinets are purpose designed non- metallic products using highly chemical resistant materials to offer safe, long life solutions for storing aggressive substances. Suitable for storing nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid and phenol. Available with drawers or shelves.

Air extraction fans are also available to safely manage fumes and emissions in the cabinets.

We also offer custom built solutions designed specifically for your site.

Chemical Storage Cabinets Features:

  • Construction: Outer sheet steel plastic laminated and inner melamine coated special workplates (tall cabinets) and outer and inner melamine coated special workplates (underbench cabinets). Both kinds with a high chemical resistance.
  • Storage: Two hermetically separated storage compartments to segregate acids and bases.
  • Ventilation: Corrosion proof, metal free air ducts. Permanent ventilation via only one extraction air  inlet at the top of the cabinet (at the back in underbench cabinets).
  • Spillage Protection: Sturdy construction drawers with high chemical resistance plastic sump.
  • Access: Wing doors with can be used and locked separately. Opening more than 90o.
  • Locking Mechanism: Entire door locking mechanism outside the storage compartment, increassed protection of moving and safety relevant components against corrosion. All around plastic seals prevent dangerous vapours escaping from the inside of the cabinet.
  • Signage: All cabinets carry clearly visible warning signs fitted of the front door of the cabinet



  • Model

    Ext Dimensions


    Load Capacity


    1200 x 600 x 1965 mm

    160 kg

    25 kg per shelf


    600 x 600 x 1965 mm

    125 kg

    25 kg per shelf


    1100 x 570 x 600 mm

    60 kg



    590 x 570 x 600 mm

    40 kg

    25Kg per drawer