Asecos CS Multirisk Cabinet for Chemicals

The Asesco safe, approved and seperate storage of different hazardous materials in one cabinet.


  • Robust construction and longevity.
  • No unauthorised use – doors lockable with cylinder locking. Each compartment can be opened and locked seperately.
  • Easy alignment – adjusting aids to compensate for uneven floor.
  • Reduction of odours inside the cabinet – integrated ventilation system for each compartment storage level.

The available interior equipment includes: 

  • Shelves available either in galvanised or plastic laminated.
  • Perforated insert as first storage level inside the bottom collecting sump – optimal utilisation of existin storage capacities.
  • Bottom collecting sump – galvanised and impervious to fluids
  • Pull out shelves – robut high-quality pull out rails with pull out shelves made of metal and removable plastic sump, load capacity 30kg.