Asecos Safety Cabinets

asecos Safety Storage Cabinets

Chemstore are distributors of asecos safety storage cabinets, providing a full range of cabinets for all types of laboratory and industrial applications . This comprehensive range of cabinets are supplied in numerous dimension specification with the aim of guaranteeing your approved storage materials in workrooms.  asecos safety storage cabinets comply with the latest European legislation –  EN 14470-1. This European Standard is adhered to by many European countries and the U.K.

The EN14470-1 standard requires and all asecos safety storage cabinets guarantee:

  • Minimisation of the fire risk associated with the storage of flammable materials
  • Protection of the contents of the cabinet in the event of fire for a tested period of time
  • Minimisation of fumes released to the working environment
  • Retention of any possible leakage within the cabinet
  • Provision of enough time, in the event of fire, for personnel to leave the room and sufficient time for fire service personnel to enter the building before the stored materials turn a small, fire into an uncontrollable blaze.

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