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BS EN 1090-1 (EXC1) – New EU standard for Structural Steel and Aluminium

March 31, 2015

Chemstore is to add BS EN 1090-1 to its Quality manufacturing standard. All our systems and units will comply with the new UK building regulations and Chemstore will supply the highest quality and fully certified range of Hazardous Material Storage Systems.

All Chemstore manufactured units and systems will be to the BS EN 1090-1 (EXC1) standard (structural steel). All units and systems will also have CE Marking. This standard compliments our ISO 9001/2008 certification and the DNVGL 2.7-2 classification for our paint and solvent stores.

The Execution Class EXC1 will apply as part of the BS EN 1090-1 standard. Our FPC (Factory Production Control System) in place through our ISO 9001 certification allows us to produce all our manufactured products to this standard. This in turn will allow all our manufactured products to be CE Marked.

The above standard will maintain Chemstore’s position as No.1 manufacturer of HAZMAT Storage Systems. It will ensure that our clients continue to be fully compliant with all legislation and that their HAZMAT storage systems conform to the most up to date regulations and standards.

With the implementation of the SEVESO III directive in July this year we want to be in a position to offer the best advice, best practice and the best products on the market. When handling and storing hazardous materials.

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