BSIF approved for another year

October 5, 2017

Chemstore are pleased to announce that we have retained the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier requirements for another year.

This standard recognizes Chemstore as a BSIF Registered Safety Supplier which allows the company to maintain or verify valid compliance certificates for all product and regulated equipment we offer.

BSIF approved












The BSIF Registered Safety Supplier scheme is becoming the hallmark within the industry. By visually displaying the BSIF shield illustrates our credibility, trustworthiness and expertise in safely supplying the appropriate PPE for our clients.

Being a member of the BSIF requires all products to be correctly tested and certified to meet the appropriate EU standards. This standard has become increasingly important due to the unfortunate increase in non-approved products being sold in the UK.

There are several items available that claim the CE accreditation when in actual fact they have not been appropriately certified. In some cases, counterfeits of existing products have been an issue which has become more common.

To help combat this issue BSIF have created the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme in which companies displaying the logo have signed a legally binding agreement that the product supplied is of the BSIF standard and is appropriately CE marked.

This standard has given the customer an assurance that the product they have purchased is legitimate. In addition, the appropriate advice and guidance will be provided making sure the customer is not being mislead in anyway. It is crucial for the customer that the product being purchased is fit for purpose. Items have entered the market such as gloves and high visibility vests made from substandard materials. These products are so well finished that to the untrained eye it is nearly impossible to identify the real from the fake. Supplying counterfeit product is a serious felony as it can be the importance between life and death.Please see the appropriate PPE









From an employer’s point of view, it is their responsibility to provide the correct product for their employees ensuring their health and safety while in the workplace. Being aware of these counterfeit items and staying away from products which seem too good to be true is a step in the right direction. Purchasing the right product is an important responsibility as ultimately failing to do so may result in serious injury or fatality.

Here at Chemstore we are constantly striving to enable our clients to eliminate the risks associated with hazardous materials, improving safety on your site.  By continuing to be a registered safety supplier with BSIF we are backing that pledge by ensuring our equipment is certified and is of the highest quality.

 For more information on potential pitfalls with counterfeit product please CLICK HERE.


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