Get ready for winter with temperature-controlled storage

How do colder months affect chemical storage in the workplace?

As winter approaches and colder temperatures start to hit, it’s worth remembering that climate has an impact on quality and safety.

A fuel-testing module supplied by Chemstore to a BP UK site

Quality control
Temperature control is a critical factor when storing quantities of valuable products such as solvents, adhesives and coatings. It is essential in many industrial processes to maintain the optimal temperatures for these products to obtain the highest product quality for goods produced. For processes such as paint mixing, adhesive appliances and ingredient storage – companies need correct temperature controlled storage that is both compliant and fit for purpose.

Chemstore specialises in the manufacture of bespoke temperature controlled chemical stores that can be designed specifically for your product requirements.

Click here to see one of Chemstore’s temperature controlled solutions in action featuring the new touch-screen delta control panel.

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The Environment & Chemicals









We can encounter chemicals in any state in many forms at different times in their life cycles. Chemicals can move through the environment through a wide range and complex network of interactions.

Transitions at their most basic;

  • Air and Water
  • Air and Earth
  • Water and Earth
  • All three in combination

The Environment and the Workplace……

Environmental hazards must be taken into the context of the workplace;

  • Indoors e.g. Office, factory, powerstation, hospital, church.
  • Outdoors e.g. Gardening, construction site, fishing, vessel.
  • Combination e.g. Oilrig, construction site, water treatment plant.
  • Within a transportation network e.g. Ship, bus, airplane, train
  • Within a unique environment e.g. Mine / quarry, sealed environment such as a space station / submarine

What are the Potential Environmental Hazards to Health?

The list is endless, and is unique to each type of workplace!!!!!
However it can be overviewed primarily in the toxicological context as;

  • Chemical Hazards to health
  • Biological Hazards to health
oil pollution