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Elf ‘n’ safety: 15 funny fails

Warning: this will make you nervous but it will also make you laugh…

1. Bright spark: Who needs a mask when paper and glasses will do?

Bright spark

 2. That’s gotta hurt

Tree surgeon

3. Lift off: How not to operate a forklift


4. When is someone going to tell this guy he’s being plane stupid?

Plane stupid

5. The most dedicated shelf stacker you’ll ever see

Shelf stacker

6. When elf ‘n’ safety goes out the window. Literally


7. Who needs a ladder when a sturdy shoulder will do?


8. Is this really the best way to build trust with a colleague?

Trust building

9. Just. Wow

Axe and wire

10. A plank walking the plank


11. Now this is wheelie daft


12. This is a disaster waiting to happen


13. He’s digging for trouble


14. No safety harness required. No really, please put one on

Safety harness

15. Check out this daredevil

Wobbly ladder