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Spil Pools

Spil Pools

Prowler Pool

Made of high-density polyethylene tapes and a low-density coating, Prowler pop-up pools offer excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, leaded and unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels and other hazardous materials


The Poly-Spillpad is made of sturdy 22 oz. vinyl and of inner polyethylene berm which keeps incidental spills contained. Poly-Spillpad is lightweight and easily moved. Different sizes available.

Stinger Yellow Jacket

Our Stinger Yellow Jacket is a lightweight, portable pallet that prevents spills from occurring. It is chemical-resistant, stands up to corrosive battery acid, and is a great addition to any spill kit.

HazMat Pool

The Hazmat Pool is an inexpensive, quick deployment pool, that is small enough to be stowed on any track or emergency response vehicle. It has easy foldability and deployment and it set


Store anything from one drum to two IBCs! Six models are available, each with or without optional grates
Reusable! When you’re done, just fold and place on a shelf. Frees up valuable floor space.

Hose Leak Collection

Hose Wrap

Chemstore Hose Wrap contains and prevent costly leaks and spills that can cause injuries to your workers.

  • Wraps hoses and fittings
  • Colour-coding allows for easy size identification
  • Integrated sorbent pad absorbs hydrocarbons
  • Hook & loop closure system to holds the wrap around the leak

Hose Bibb

Safely wrap quick disconnect fittings or other hose attachment ends to absorb small leaks, when disconnecting hoses from industrial equipment.
Lightweight, high visibility yellow colour
Integrated internal sorbent absorbs hydrocarbons
For quick-disconnect fittings

Small Ground Collection

Maintenance Blanket

Our Maintenance Blanket is utilised under vehicle or leaking equipment. The blanket is made of 8oz non-woven geo-textile material, that is 100 mils thick, backed by 1 layer of 20-mil fuel/chemical resistant polyethylene. The blanket provides a protective sorbent pad between the maintenance item (usually a road grader blade) and the placement area. The blanket can be rolled or folded into a compact lightweight unit.

Dripillow Berm

Dripillow Berm is used for small leaks or spills.Designed to be utilised as a durable and portable drip-pan, it is useable with all fuels, comes with a UV protected pad, and can be folded for easy carrying.

  • No tipping or splashing
  • Folds for easy carrying
  • Weighted unit can handle 40 mph winds
  • Replaceable UV protected pad available
Drive in berms

Throw N’Go Berm

The Throw N’Go Berm is the simplest and quickest berm to deploy i

  • No assembly is required. Walls lay flat. Setup takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Walls automatically rise when fluid is spilled.
  • It can be driven on at any angle.
  • Built-in track mats prevent damage to berm in any situation

Aire-Stinger Berm

Our AIRE-Stinger Berm allows for one-time set-up and then continual drive-in and out without ever having to set down the end sidewalls. Uses unique patent pending combination of foam ends and snap-up sidewall supports mounted on the exterior; there is nothing to interfere with the interior berm space or present decontamination concerns.

Stinger Berm

Our new Stinger Berm leads the industry with its wide range of sizes and capacities for large-scale spill containment. Stinger Berm’s flexible sidewalls and easy-to-assemble snap-up design allows immediate response for industrial, government, construction, transportation and emergency response applications. The Stinger Berm’s flexible sidewall design provides quick setup and allows compact fold-up, storage and transport. Stinger Berms feature excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain. Ground pad and Track Mat provide additional protection.