Thermovault – Temperature Controlled Bunded Drum/IBC Stores

Chemstore’s Thermovault – Temperature Controlled Stores are stand-alone and relocateable.

Thermovault is available as an insulated design option or a Fire Rated option, which are designed to provide secure, controlled storage for temperature sensitive materials. We offer a full range of sizes together with a bespoke design service to suit your requirements with heating and cooling options.

We also offer Drum & IBC’s Enclosures designed to heat the contents of standard drums and IBC’s from freezing, ambient or even hotter to your required processing temperature.


  • Full range of sizes and temperature ranges.
  • Full technical advice and Design Service: manufactured to customers specific requirements.
  • Fully adjustable. Set temperature band (eg. 0o–60oC) or maximum/minimum allowable temperature.
  • LCD temperature display and printout.
  • High levels of insulation.
  • Audible alarm and beacon.
  • Full operator safety features.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor location.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled, minimal lead time.
  • Electric or steam heat source.
  • Internal recirculation fan ensures even distribution of heated air.
  • Explosion protected electrical apparatus (suitable for Zone 1 & 2).
  • Fully bunded.
  • Stainless steel or galvanised interior.


Drum Heating Stores

Chemstore supply Drum Heating Stores which are individually manufactured to provide insulated optimum storage conditions

Chemstore supply a full range of drum / IBC heating stores. Main features include:

  • Operating temperature – 0 – 150 oC
  • Extremely low heat loss – 100 mm mineral wool insulation – structure without thermal bridges – fibreglass gaskets.
  • Minimum heating time – high air turbolence – high air / drum exchange rate – heat-up time for drums containing holding mineral oil ?T = 50 oC in 3 – 4 hours
  • Heating methods available – electrical, steam, diathermic oil, hot water, gas
  • Construction – carbon steel framework with sheet metal panels, galvanised steel interior, painted steel exterior.
  • Safety – double thermoregulation, doors can be opened from the inside, door-lock microswitch, IP 55 protection, alarm lamp
  • Optionals – stainless steel construction, grid base, overflow collection trays, roller base, EEX-d version (Atex), protective top cover for external location

Electric Heaters for Single Drums
Chemstore Engineering also supply a full range of electric single drum heaters.

  • These can be designed to suit the client’s exact specifications.
  • Base heaters can be used in conjunction with the standard heater to achieve higher temperatures.
  • Explosion-proof drum heaters are also available

Induction Heater

Melts Solids – Heats Liquids – Totally Safe

Designed to heat 205 litre drums or smaller steel vessels.
Thermosafe is an alternative to multi-drum ovens and the solution to a host of process heating problems, even in hazardous areas.

Thermosafe is a single induction coil, wholly encapsulated in a cylinder made from a glass reinforced resin specifically developed for chemical plant. The cylinder is simply placed over the drum. Contact is not required.

The coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat directly and uniformly in the drum wall. Energy transfer is by alternating magnetic field. As there are no hot elements, the heater remains substantially cooler than the drum being heated.

  • Maintenance Free GRP Construction, no heating elements or moving parts.
  • Lightweight – 50 Kgs, can easily be lowered over drum. Lifting / handling equipment can be fixed to flanges.
  • Typical heating times: 15 oC per hour for viscous organic liquid.
  • Protection to IP65.
  • Hazardous areas – suitable for use in zones 1 & 2. (EE x e II 170 oC -T3-)
  • Can be stacked for tall vessels or cylinders.
  • Minimal retained heat in drum heater enables close temperature control with on/off devices (optional control panels available)
  • Height: 711mm; Internal diameter: 613mm; External diameter 743mm
  • Weight: 48 Kgs
  • upplied with 5m galvanised steel wire braided cable.

Supply: 240V, 50Hz AC
Current / Power Consumption: Switch on – 21A/2750W – Running – 18A/2250W