EN14470-1 Fire Rated Combi Cabinets

Combi-Cabinets Type 90

Asecos combi-cabinets enable centralised storage of hazardous material and gas cylinders directly in the workroom.

Fire resistant dividing wall
90 minute fire resistance separates both compartments

One central extraction air inlet –
Ventilation of both cabinet compartments with one extraction air inlet on top of the cabinet

Adjusting aids –
Integrated at the bottom of the cabinet. Easy alignment of the cabinets from the inside to compensate for uneven floor.

Automatic-Door-Opening System for high convenience in use and safety! (for details see following page)

Integrated door open arrest system –
The arrested doors enable you to safely store or remove goods in the cabinet

Multifunctional application –
Fully extractable drawers with high storage capacities, ideal for storage of smaller containers or height adjustable shelves

Compartment TRG with…
Fold-away ramp –
Dampened folding down, safe manoeuvering of gas cylinders into the cabinet

Cylinder retainer –
Across the whole width of the cabinet, gives plenty of space for the flexible spiral piping

EN 14470-1 90 Minute Fire Rated Laboratory Cabinets – Underbench

Today flammable materials are used in most laboratory and industrial environments. Storing these materials improperly poses a massive risk for people and property.

While there is a large variety of storage cabinets for flammables available on the market, it is often a challenge for the users to select the most suitable product for their required application. The En14470-1 rated cabinets are now a legal requirement in both the UK & Ireland when storing flammables internally.

EN 14470-1 Certified underbench cabinets are:

  • furnace tested
  • fire resistance 90 minutes
  • GS approval, CE conformity
  • EN 14727 conformity (laboratory furniture)


  • outer corpus made of sheet steel
  • doors and drawer can be opened with minimal effort
  • safe access to all containers, the interior of the drawer is completely visible
  • doors and drawer remain open in any position
  • self closing doors in the event of a fire
  • integrated air ducts ready for connection (NW 50) to a technical exhaust system


Acids & Bases Cabinets| Corrosive Cabinets | Laboratory Cabinets

Acids & Bases Cabinets| Corrosive Cabinets | Laboratory Cabinets

Chemstore Corrosive Cabinets are offered in a complete range of sizes and specifications for the safe storage of aggressive substances in laboratories, surgeries & production areas. Our cabinets are purpose designed non- metallic products using highly chemical resistant materials to offer safe, long life solutions for storing aggressive substances. Suitable for storing nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid and phenol. Available with drawers or shelves.

Air extraction fans are also available to safely manage fumes and emissions in the cabinets.

We also offer custom built solutions designed specifically for your site.

Chemical Storage Cabinets Features:

  • Construction: Outer sheet steel plastic laminated and inner melamine coated special workplates (tall cabinets) and outer and inner melamine coated special workplates (underbench cabinets). Both kinds with a high chemical resistance.
  • Storage: Two hermetically separated storage compartments to segregate acids and bases.
  • Ventilation: Corrosion proof, metal free air ducts. Permanent ventilation via only one extraction air  inlet at the top of the cabinet (at the back in underbench cabinets).
  • Spillage Protection: Sturdy construction drawers with high chemical resistance plastic sump.
  • Access: Wing doors with can be used and locked separately. Opening more than 90o.
  • Locking Mechanism: Entire door locking mechanism outside the storage compartment, increassed protection of moving and safety relevant components against corrosion. All around plastic seals prevent dangerous vapours escaping from the inside of the cabinet.
  • Signage: All cabinets carry clearly visible warning signs fitted of the front door of the cabinet



EN 14470-2 Fire Rated Laboratory Cabinets – Gas Cylinders

Large interior height – Easy and convenient installations of gas fittings and pipes

Large, rigidly fixed rolling ramp made of corrugated sheet steel – High safety when manoeuvering cylinders into the cabinet, dampened folding down, lightweight, convenient installation of pressure gas bottles in the cabinet

Locking mechanism with cylinder lock – The cabinets can be integrated into existing master-key systems

Safe installation – No additional insulation of the pipes needed inside or outside

Ventilation – Complete uniform ventilation inside the cabinet (floor and ceiling). Pressure drop below 150 Pa by extraction of the air with a 120-times change of air. Successfully approved by testing.

Completely accessible internal space – Door opening angle max. 180°, the doors lock in place at 0° and are can be arrested at 90°

Cylinder retainer with ratchet straps – Across the whole width of the cabinet. Distance between the cylinders and the rear panel, give plenty of space for the flexible spiral piping. Safe and approved storing of gas cylinders in accordance with EN 14470-2

Observance of max. allowed increase in temperature on the valve of the gas cylinder of 50 K after 90 Minutes in accordance with EN 14470-2

EN14470-1 Fire Rated Folding Door Cabinets

Folding Door Cabinets

Fully automatic sensor operated option available for busy laboratories

Folding Door Cabinets –  with shelves

  • Including door open arrest system
  • 90 minutes fire resistance
  • Available with height adjustable shelves, perforated metal plate insert and bottom collecting sump (either made of sheet-steel or stainless steel)

Space Saving  Folding Door Cabinets – with drawers

  • Including door open arrest system
  • 90 minutes fire resistance
  • Available with fully extractable drawers (either made of sheet-steel or stainless steel) for high storage capacities in various configurations

BENEFITS of PHOENIX folding door cabinets Smooth Operation

  • Smooth, air-damped door closing
  • Minimal effort: one hand door operation – easy and safe

Fire Protection

  • 90 minutes fire chamber tested
  • Automatic closing of doors and drawers with thermal fuse release

Folding doors

  • Less depth while open, space saving
  • Protection with vertical, anti-trapping door strip

New Locking Mechanism

  • Cabinets are equipped with a cylinder lock and can be integrated into existing master key systems<

Extraction Air Inlet

  • The extraction air inlet is flush with the ceiling of the cabinet

Bottom Collecting Sump

  • With three-sided lip seal, safe collection of leakage

Anti-trapping Door Strip

  • For maximum protection from injuries
UFA Filter System UFA.025.30

The primary goal of the UFA filter system is:

  1. Avoidance of hazardous explosive atmospheres with safe technical ventilation of the type 90 cabinet.
  2. Compliance with the workplace exposure limits.

Product Features:

  1.  The main filter filling is approximately 6L.
  2.  Additional secondary filter stage offers even more safety in case of filter breakthrough (e.g after leakage)
  3.  New electronic monitoring includes gas detection (sensor) of the latest generation and consideration of all relevant parameters (humidity, temperature etc.) including modern electronic exhaust air monitoring via differential pressure.
  4.  Unmistakable warning and error indication on the display.
  5.  The new robust and chemical-resistant PE filter housing is even more suitable for reuse. When the filter is changed by the Chemstore service, the contaminated filters are taken and recycled sustainably. Filter housings are cleaned and reused, activated carbon is reconditioned and reused in industry.
  6. Query options for the user via the operating menu:
  • Serial Number
  • Days until filter change
  • Days until recommended sensor change

Suitable for S-Classic-90, S-Pegasus-90, Q-Line, V-Line, UB-Line, CS.195.105.F and E.195.095.F model cabinets.

Contact Chemstore by email, LiveChat or calling 0208 704 1807 to get a quote for your UFA filter system now.