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Spill Berm
  • Reusable
  • Dual Hardness PU Excluder Spill Berm
  • Forms a tight ground seal to divert spilled liquids
  • Resists water, oil and most chemicals.

Corner Piece & Connector

  • Both form a tight ground seal to divert spilled liquids
  • Both resist water, oil and most chemicals
Plug Rugs

Used by spill teams across the world, this product gives an instant seal on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Mouldable, the product can be linked together by using a small overlap.

Each rug includes a reinforced core, which prevents loss of integrity across large holes and grids. The mats can be taped or strapped in place for additional strength when sealing pipes or tankers.

Packed in boxes of 4 mats, leakblock rugs are individually plastic wrapped to aid shelf life (one year) and include preservative and anti-freeze allowing use all year.

Spillblocker Dyke

Portable Barrier forms a tight seal on smoothsurfaces and is flexible enough to conform to irregular curves, so it’ perfect for diverting liquids away from drains, offices etc. Add corners & connectors to join Dikes.

Protection Mat

Drainblocker Drain Plug

Exclusive design – forms a tight seal over drain to block out liquids. To install, just remove protective film and place over your drain. Flexible polyurethane resists water, oil and most chemicals. Reusable – cleans easily with soap and water.

Lockable Drain Cover

Chemstore fast locking Aluminium Drain Covers are an excellent addition for all delivery areas where drain protection is required. The drain cover can be quickly fastened in place using the spring tensioned clamping lock.

  • Thick PU gasket
  • Good seal on uneven surfaces
  • Light weight aluminium
  • Two sizes available