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Standard Back Supports

  • Simple Economy Belt 4”/10cm Wide.
  • Made from Rubber ‘Bio Gel’ with LECRA and Polyester Covering.
  • Simple One Action Velcro and Buckle Fastening.
  • Individually Packaged with Header Card

Premium Back Support  

  • Top of the Range 9”/23cm Wide.
  • Contour Support with Wide Elastic Back Panels.
  • 6 Plastic Stays to Eliminate Riding Up.
  • Complete with Rapid Release Shoulder Straps.
  • Easy Velcro Fastening Action. Individually Packaged with Header Card

Elbow Support

Fully-adjustable for a secure, exact fit – over clothes or next to skin. Designed to maximise comfort during jobs that require repetitive arm motions.

Wrist Support

Proflex wrist supports are practical, effective tools to reduce the risks of painful tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist injuries associated with repetitive wrist bending. Follows natural shape of the wrist Pulls moisture away to protect against odour and bacteria build-up. RH=Right Hand, LH=Left Hand.

Protective Suits


Tyvek Classic Coveralls
Hooded, elasticated waist, elasticated arm and leg openings, sewn seams, two-way zip with flap, white coverall, European Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing (Types 5 and 6) approved.

Tyvek Industry Coveralls
Collared, elasticated waist, elasticated arm and leg openings, sewn seams, two-way zip with flap, white coverall with self adhesive pocket, European Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing (Types 5 and 6) approved.

Pro-Tech C Coveralls
Tyvek Pro-Tech C garments meet the seam-tightness requirements and whole-suit performance tests defined by the new European Standards for Chemical Protective Clothing of types 3, 4, 5 and 6. It provides added protection with optimal comfort. Outstanding protection against: Inorganic acids and bases Impenetrable by blood and blood borne pathogens. Antistatically treated (inside surface).

Disposable Polypropylene Coveralls
These coveralls are made off spunbond polypropylene (SPP). This non-woven fabric is excellent for contamination control. some models are a mix of SPP & CPE ( Polyethylene). Price per Pack quantity of 25. Each Coverall weights 40grams

Weatherproof Boiler Suit
This suit is made from PVC proofed high tenacity nylon with electronically welded seams for maximum Waterproof protection

General Purpose Coverall
This protection coverall is suitable for short use tasks. Features include: Protection against water based splash and spray. Protection against dust, dirt and low toxicity chemicals. New design allows extra movement for a better fit and improved comfort. Suitable for asbestos related work, handling powders, generals, maintenance, constuction utilities and contract cleaning. Each coverall is individually packaged.

Chemical Splash Coveralls
This one-piece hooded coverall offers Splash protection against a range of organic and water-based chemicals. It is suitable for use in flammable areas and has anti-static properties. ( EN 149-1)


Protective Coats
This coat is suitable for personal protection and hygiene. Features include: Anti-static (EN 1149-1)and chemically repellent. Superb styling with back vent for freedom of movement, collar, popper Fastening, breast and hip pockets. Combines style, comfort and protection. Avoids need for laundry and rental systems.

Chemical protective suits

Chemical Protective Apron & Sleeves
Apron: Made from PVC coated nylon, they offer splash protection to the front of the body. Supplied complete with ties. Sleeves: Protective sleeve, elasticated. 15″ in length.

Boiler Suit with Collar
The Northylon range of garments is made from NCN101 PVC coated nylon (339g/m2) which offers excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other hazardous chemicals. All seams are sewn and welded to provide increased protection in vulnerable areas.

Hand Protection

Hand Protection

Heat Reistant Gloves
These gauntlet style gloves are designed for intermittent handling of hot objects up to 200 Heat resistant to 260 ºC. Also gives cut resistant protection. They resist abrasions and have excellent grip.

Cut Resistant Glove
The lightweight glove gives exceptional dexterity for safe handling of even the smallest of components, where a cut hazard is still prominent. EN 388
Cotton Drill Gloves
Glove with knitted wrist that protects against very slight hazards as laid down in pr EN 420

Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Lightly Powdered & Powder Free Nitrile Gloves that provide excellent resistance against abrasions, cuts, solvent, oils and greases. 100 Gloves per pack.

Fully Coated Red PVC Glove

Nitrile Industrial Gloves
High quality gloves made of 100% Nitrile Rubber, with flock lining. Chlorinated for greater chemical resistance. Ideal for use when handling chemicals such as acids and alkalis, alcohols and glycols. Nitrile rubber excels in its resistance to hydrocarbons Cuff length: 330mm.


Full Face Mask Respirators
The large lens provides excellent visibility with a wide field of vision. With an exceptionally comfortable fit, no other respirator will be more acceptable in your workplace. The full face is used with twin light weight filters, one each side of the facepiece. These filters, once again, use the  bayonet attachment system. The full face is compatible with the 3M S-200 Supplied-Air System. Approval: EN 136 (Class 1)

Half Mask Respirators
Incorporating a soft, hypo-allergenic facepiece material and a central exhalation valve, it is cool and comfortable to wear. The half mask is used with twin light-weight filters, one each side of the facepiece, which click securely in place by using the 3M bayonet attachment system. The half mask is compatible with the new 3M S-200 Supplied-Air System. Approval: EN 140.

Disposable Dust Respirator
Respiratory protection against: Fine dusts. EN149 FFP1S Maximum use level: APF: 4 x OEL, NPF: 4 x OEL

Disposable Dust/Mist  Respirator
Respiratory protection against: Fine dusts Water-based mists. EN149 FFP1S. Maximum use level: APF: 4 x OEL, NPF: 4 x OEL

Max USE Disposable Dust Respirators
Respiratory protection against: Fine dusts. EN149 FFP1S Maximum use level: APF: 4 x OEL, NPF: 4 x OEL

Disposable Dust/Metal/Mist Fume Respirator
Respiratory protection against: Fine dusts Water-based mists Metal Fume. EN149 FFP3S. Maximum use level: APF: 20 x OEL, NPF: 50 x OEL.

Gas & Vapour Respirators
A range of totally unique respirators which use new technology to provide effective protection combined with exceptional comfort. Fully disposable, the unique integral construction offers reliable protection against most gases, vapours and particulates.

Dust/Mist/Metal Fume Respirator
Respiratory protection against: Fine dusts, Oil or water-based mists, Metal Fume. EN149 FFP2SL. Maximum use level: APF: 20 x OEL, NPF: 50 x OEL

Head Protection

Head and Face Protection

General Purpose Safety Helmets
Manufactured from high density polyethylene, including a P.E. six point harness, the complete helmet weighs just 285 grams – certainly suited to full shift wearing. These helmets are resistant to solvents, weak acids and alkalis and can be supplied with option of ventilation holes.

Quick Release Swivel (QRS) Hood  Respirator
HT-120 Lightweight hood giving complete head, face and shoulder protection. Made in white easy to clean material. Wide view visor

Non Woven Polypropylene Bouffant Caps
Polypropylene Bouffant Caps are highly breathable and low-linting.

Economy Face Visor
Face shield with clear visor aluminium bound. Adjustable ratchet suspension. Standard:- EN 166

AirFed FaceShield
This air-fed faceshield has been especially designed for use in locations where dust particles and paint or liquid spray are part of the everyday working environment. A remote airline is connected through a belt-mounted control. Crown support and adjustable headband offer the wearer maximum comfort.

Wide vision Face Visor
The visor frame offers particularly wide fields of vision, and a ratchet action headband that allows for almost any head size.



Foot Protection

Economy Black Safety Boots
Safety Boots to EN 345 SB/1P. Dual density polyurethane soles, oil and heat resistant to 200°C. Steel Midsole . Anti Static

Super Safety waterproof Hiker Boot
Nylon padded collar, Padded tongue, Steel toe-cap to EN345 (200 Joules),Steel midsole for under foot protection,Cemented construction,PU rubber sole,Waterproof membrane.

Steel Toe safety boots
S3 Protection, Steel Toe & Steel Midsole, Antistatic properties
Water Penetration & Water Absorbtion resistance, Cleanted Outsole

Safety Rigger Boots
Safety rigger boot with steel toe-cap and mid-sole to EN345. Water resistant leather upper and fur lined.

Safety Wellingtons
EN345 S5 protection

Polylatex Shoe Covers
Polylatex shoe covers are made from a lint free Polylatex film giving excellent liquid protection.


Ear Protection

Disposable Foam Ear Plugs
Soft disposable polyurethane plugs providing extra comfort. The tapered shape is designed to adjust to most ear canals. Attenuation: 31dB (SNR).

Disposable Foam Ear Plug w/cord

Soft disposable polyurethane plugs providing extra comfort. The tapered shape is designed to adjust to most ear canals. Attenuation: 31dB (SNR).

Molded Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs: SNR 19

Classic Corded Ear Plugs

Featuring all the benefits of the Classic earplugs, with the addition of an easy-to see blue vinyl cord. This hearing protector is particularly suitable for use in food manufacturing & process industries. Preventing Plug loss and avoiding the risk of product contamination. Conforms to EN 352-2 , CE marked . SNR 28dB

Classic Ear Plugs

Classic earplugs are made from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam which provides excellent hearing protection and all day comfort. Ideal for use wherever noise is a problem, either in work or leisure activiies. Conforms to EN 352-2 , CE marked. SNR 28dB

Light Band Earplugs

Easy to use since it does not require insertion into the ear canal, instead the soft caps (pods) fit over the ear canal entrance to block out harmful noise.

Standard Ear Muffs   

Featuring a unique molded insert technology for maximum ear space, the 1435 offers excellent fit and comfort. Easily adjustable in 6 different positions, the 1435 also features an extra-wide headband for a comfortable secure fit. Attenuation: 25dB (SNR).

FM Radio Ear Muffs

FM Radio mono reproduction sound allows easy listening to the radio Sound limited to a maximum level of 82db. 3 fixed volume steps. Battery life (AA x2) 180-200hrs. SNR of 23dB.

Economy Ear Muffs

This muff has high-impact polystyrene acoustic foam-filled cups with foam pads fitted to a glass nylon headband to minimise distortion. Standard:- EN 352-1. SNR 27db

Headband Style Ear Defenders

Developed for demanding noise -hazard environments and muffles even extremely low frequencies. Sealing rings are filled with a unique combination of liquid and foam. Provides a comfortable snug fit even during long time use. Suitable choice for industrial noise,construction machinery, airports and agricultural use. Conforms to EN352-2, CE marked. SNR 31dB


Eye Protection

Attack Safety Goggles 

Attack:- Adjustable Strap. Compatible with Nasal respirators. Crystal PVC Sealed Frame Panoramic vison. Standards:- EN 166-3495BF, EN 170, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch.

Economy Anti Mist Goggles 

Wide vision goggle with indirect ventilation caps, anti scratch, anti mist polycarbonate lens and deluxe adjustable headband. Standard :- EN 166 349B

Basic Goggles 

Polycarbonate lens

Safety Glasses 

Premium Wrapround Safety Glasses, Sport Style eyeshield for wide vision & complete protection

Ski-Style Anti Mist Goggles 

The ski styling provides a very wide field of vision and the specially selected soft PVC goggle body and wide head band make it ideal for full shift wearing. Certified to prEN166. Polycarbonate lenses.

Welding Eyeshields

SQUALE:- Fits over most prescription glasses. Provides Upper and lower protection. Vented, Anti-Scratch. Standards:- EN 166-1F,EN 169