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Free chemical storage surveys

Chemstore, the hazardous materials experts, are currently offering free, no-obligation chemical storage surveys throughout the UK.

Ensure your chemical storage arrangements are compliant with latest health & safety regulations; book a survey with your local chemical storage expert today and get your site in order for 2020.

Questions answered during a chemical storage survey include:

1. Where should chemicals be stored?

2. What is the requirement for storing chemicals?

3. What are the requirements for safe chemical storage?

3. Which hazardous substances should be stored separately?

Call the Chemstore team and book you free survey today. Tel: 020 8704 1807

Chemical Hazard Awareness & Spill Response Training

At Chemstore we believe the highest standards need to be maintained in all areas of your workplace, therefore it is our pledge to provide you with highest level of service with our Chemical Hazard Awareness & Spill Response Training.

As members of IOSH,  our training directors David O’Carroll, Stephen Mansell & Tom Hanly are aiming to have Chemstore courses IOSH certified and approved.

IOSH logo Spill Response Training

Chemstore offers certified on-site training courses to leading organisations in Ireland & the UK.  These courses ensure compliance with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, address Industry Best Practice and allow clients to meet EA & EPA requirements for the storage, use and handling of Hazardous Materials.

Chemstore’s training courses enable your workforce to anticipate, react and alleviate chemical mishaps as far as reasonably practicable in the workplace.

The training courses have been developed in accordance with HSE & HSA guidelines and best industry practice.

Chemical Hazard Awareness & Spill Response Training is designed to increase awareness of Hazardous Materials in the workplace and enable operators to safely react to spills on-site.


The Topics covered under this course include:

  • Site familiarization
  • What is a hazardous substance?
  • GHS Symbols.
  • Identifying hazardous substances.
  • General principles of Chemical Safety.
  • Health impacts of exposure.
  • Identify risks associated with chemical use.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) explained.
  • Using the information within a SDS for safe storage and handling.
  • Personnel Protection Equipment – Overview.
  • Immediate first aid action for chemical exposure.
  • Emergency plans, drills
  • The knowledge to predict a chemical’s behaviour if released.
  • Site specific areas of improvement often highlighted

Course Requirements

  • Maximum number per session is 12 people.
  • Duration 3-4 Hours.
  • On site requirements – well lit and ventilated room & area for demonstration.
  • Issue of Attendance Certificates.

For full information on the courses provided, contact one of training directors today.


Site Assessment

Having over 25 years experience of working closely with our valued customers has enabled us here at Chemstore realise that assessing hazardous material storage and handling requirements over the phone or via email can often prove difficult for our clients. Our experienced team of engineers are here to help you achieve compliance on your site and we feel it is important we come to meet you on your site to help you complete your goal.

As part of our continuous commitment to our clients, Chemstore offers a Free Site Assessment Report service. This service includes a visit by one of our highly experienced engineers who will carry out an initial inspection and risk assessment of your site. A written report is then produced with recommendations. This report will assess compliance with environmental and safety requirements under the following legislation and standards:

  • Health, Safety & Welfare at Work 2005
  • HSE Health & Safety Guidance Notes (G)51, (G)71, (G)76 & (G)97
  • EPA & EA requirements
  • DSEAR Regulations
  • ISO 14000-1
  • ATEX 95 & 137 Directives
  • COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.
  • BS 7750
  • IPC Licensing

Topics Covered

  • Hazardous / Pollutant Material Storage
  • Hazardous / Pollutant Material Bunding & Segregation
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Laboratory Safety – Hazmat & Gas
  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials
  • Safe Dispensing of Hazardous Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Signage Requirements
  • Training Requirements under Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Static Electricity Management for Highly Flammable Substances
  • Waste Streams, Safe Materials & Storage
  • Gas Storage & Management