Chemical Storage Is A Matter Of Safety And Common Sense

January 28, 2014

There are many work situations where chemicals are routinely relied upon to get the job done. But just as important as the safe handling of these chemicals, is their safe storage. If not stored properly, chemicals can cause a fire, explosion or personal injury.

Awhile back a Chemical explosion in a distillery in Oldbury near Birmingham caused extensive damage, razing the factory to the ground, and resulted in massive collateral damage to surrounding properties. Storage and transfer of chemicals is seen to be a major contributing factor to this industrial accident which resulted in major financial losses to the company involved, but more importantly an enormous risk to the safety of employees and people in the vicinity of the building.


The consequences of Chemical explosions, fires and spills due to improper storage have the potential to be devastating for any company. Chemstore are experts in the manufacture and supply of Chemical storage units with the ability to produce bunded stores catering for volumes ranging from 10 Litres to 20,000 litres.








We manufacture chemical storage compounds for much larger requirements; in fact, we can tailor any chemical storage unit to match the needs of our clients Why not avail of our Free Site Survey to ensure your company is compliant with current EPA regulations and legislation. Our highly experienced team will access your current chemical storage procedures and make recommendations as to how you can improve the safety of your facility. So why not contact us today and arrange a site visit, or speak to one of experienced sales team for advice to improve your chemical storage needs.

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