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Chemstore Compliance ( provides the most advanced software platform for the management of an organisation’s hazardous material; mitigating risk, lowering costs and guaranteeing compliance.

Using our 27 years of experience we have listened to you, the customer and understand the challenges and risks your job present. Through years of hard work and research, we have developed the compliance management software to enable you with a live, ready for use system guaranteeing compliance on your site.

Chempli will keep you step ahead with the latest safety regulations and expert articles and guides.

Comprising of a suite of modules, it provides your company with a cost-effective point of entry, coupled with a scalable architecture, enabling seamless migration to more advanced management, control and workflow functionality at any future point.

Imagine one centralised platform allowing you to:

  • Pass Safety & Quality Audits first time and drastically reduce the workload required for preparation
  • Create a safer workplace for you and your colleagues
  • Reduce Insurance Premium Costs
  • Have all critical safety data to hand and remain prepared at all times.
  • Decreased Risk of accidents & near-miss incidents
  • Save money by maintaining your chemical and equipment inventories 

Chempli is already being utilised in key industries such as Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Universities & Medical Devices as some of our keynote clients have been instrumental for Chemstore developing this Compliance Management Software for Hazardous Materials – Chempli.

Chempli is compatible with the complete range of Chemstore storage solutions for flammables, compressed gases, hazardous, temperature-controlled, battery and corrosive material stores. It may also be seamlessly integrated with your organisation’s existing chemical storage infrastructure, to provide a central platform for the effective management of hazardous materials enterprise-wide.

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You can also download our pdf brochure detailing fully our compliance management software for hazardous materials here:

PDF Download for Chemstore Compliance - Chempli Brochure


  • Chemstore Compliance Triangle
  • Chemstore Compliance Chempli Macbook
  • Chemstore Compliance Chempli Tablet
  • Chemstore Compliance Triangle
  • Chemstore Compliance Chempli Macbook
  • Chemstore Compliance Chempli Tablet
  • Key Features



    • Seamless management of hazardous materials on your site.
    • Instant access to key documents and information.
    • Accelerate your organisations level of compliance with major legislation such as COSHH, CLP, DSEAR regulations & HSA best practice.
    • Local or remote management through desktop, laptop or mobile devices via a QR code on each Chemstore unit.
    • A suite of scalable modules including Chemstore Library, Inventory Management, Risk Management, ER Site Maps, Inspection & Maintenance, HR & Training.
    • Access to Site Map information may be granted to emergency response teams to facilitate an efficient response in the case of an emergency or major incident.
    • Individual password-protected access using the latest security protocols (SSL).