EN14470-1 Fire Rated Combi Cabinets

Combi-Cabinets Type 90

Asecos combi-cabinets enable centralised storage of hazardous material and gas cylinders directly in the workroom.

Fire resistant dividing wall
90 minute fire resistance separates both compartments

One central extraction air inlet –
Ventilation of both cabinet compartments with one extraction air inlet on top of the cabinet

Adjusting aids –
Integrated at the bottom of the cabinet. Easy alignment of the cabinets from the inside to compensate for uneven floor.

Automatic-Door-Opening System for high convenience in use and safety! (for details see following page)

Integrated door open arrest system –
The arrested doors enable you to safely store or remove goods in the cabinet

Multifunctional application –
Fully extractable drawers with high storage capacities, ideal for storage of smaller containers or height adjustable shelves

Compartment TRG with…
Fold-away ramp –
Dampened folding down, safe manoeuvering of gas cylinders into the cabinet

Cylinder retainer –
Across the whole width of the cabinet, gives plenty of space for the flexible spiral piping

  • Combination Cabinet for Flammable Liquids, Acids and Alkalis
  • Combination Cabinet for Flammable Liquids, Acids and Alkalis


    Ext Dimensions


    Load Capacity


    1200 x 615 x 1968 mm

    515 kg

    Drawer 25 Kg   Shelf 75KG


    1200 x 615 x 1968 mm

    420 kg

    Drawer 25 Kg   Shelf 75KG