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Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser


W.H.O. recommended formula – 80% alcohol
10% of purchase profit from each bottle goes to the W.H.O COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund


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  • covid 19 hand sanitiser
  • covid 19 hand sanitiser
  • Description                                          Container Size                      Minimum Order Unit
    Sanitising Hand Spray Hand Spray        32ml                                       50,000

    Sanitising Hand Spray Hand Spray      250ml                                       15,000

    Sanitising Hand Spray Hand Spray      500ml                                      10,000

    Sanitising Hand Spray Hand Spray      750ml                                        7,000

    Hand Sanitiser Bottle                                50ml                                      50,000

    Hand Sanitiser Bottle                              120ml                                      30,000