Firevault – DNV GL 2.7-2 Certified module

Firevault DNV GL 2.7-2 Certified modules, comply and conform to all health and safety regulations and are manufactured for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Key applications include:

Safe and secure storage for hazardous materials, petroleum products, solvents, paints, adhesives, lubricants and chemicals.

  • Critical equipment protection enclosure.
  • Suitable for storage of fire and chemical suits, breathing apparatus, personnel protective equipment, emergency recovery equipment, dry suits and critical items.
  • Remote changing facilities for emergency response personnel.
  • Stand alone laboratory modules or process units.

Download our PDF on the DNV unit here:

  • Firevault DNV2.7-2 Module 2018 Modules are certified to DNV GL 2.7-2 Standard
  • Manufactured from high grade S355 steel with fully welded, blast resistant exterior, 4mm external surface thickness helps prevent impact damage.
  • Modules are shot blasted to SA2.5 and painted with an epoxy primer, intermediate and epoxy top coat (Norsok M501).
  • IMO certified fireproof panels with high density 130kg/m3 insulation, independently certified to A60.
  • NDV to IMO/FTP and MED certified A60 rated weatherproof fire door, lockable with internal over-ride door lock.
  • Fully welded and certified internal sump with support framework and intergrated floor. Decked with hot dip galvanised grid mesh to allow spillage to drain into the sump below.
  • A60 fire rated intumescent air grills fitted at high and low level to ensure natural airflow throughout.
  • ATEX rated and fully certified electrical equipment including lights, heaters, thermostats, switches, plugs and sockets, cable glands, power distribution boards and transformers with external main power connection.
  • ATEX rated internal fire and gas detection systems with external audio/visual beacon sounder. Warning units with external client BMS signal communication connection.
  • Container frame fitted with forklift pockets for easy positioning. Stackable for reduced storage footprint when not in use. ISO 10ft container size available & ISO fittings and sling sets as standard
  • Built under approved ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System.
  • Dowload the PDF here