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DNV 2.7-2 certified hazardous materials safety store

April 3, 2018

Chemstore has introduced the world’s first DNV2.7-2 certified hazardous materials safety store. The Firevault module is a next generation design that will significaantly reduce risk, downtime, and liability when working with hazardous materials in zoned areas on an offshore rig.

The DNV2.7-2 Firevault is the only Module Type 5 Functional Group 6 (Flammable Material/Paint Store) available to the Global Oil & Gas sector that allows the Duty Holder to be compliant with DNV2.7-2, the HSE Safety Case Regulation 2015, PFEER 2015 and DSEAR 2002 and meets the needs of the HID Regulatory Model by mitigating or preventing major hazard risks with flammables offshore.

The Firevault provides seamless management of hazardous materials in the most critical environments backed by Chemstore Connect, a powerful software platform for the management of hazardous materials. The Firevault is designed to increase the safety, productivity and profitability of your offshore operations.




Some of the Firevault’s key features:

  • Safe and secure storage for hazardous materials, petroleum, products, solvents, paints, adhesives, lubricants and chemicals.
  • Critical equipment protection enclosure.
  • Suitable for storage of fire and chemical suits, breathing apparatus, personnel protective equipment, emergency recovery equipment, dry suits and critical items.
  • Remote changing facilities for emergency response personnel.
  • Standalone laboratory modules or process units.






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