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January 11, 2016

As part of Firevault’s commitment the highest safety standards, it has invested in R&D to obtain DNV certification by manufacturing a highly specified fire rated panel for use in the module.

This panel had to be certified and approved to the IMO FTP A60-standard. To achieve this Firevault carried out a lot of research and development before manufacturing the panel and sending it to the EXOVA Warrington Laboratory for testing.

The test was carried out in October 2015 and the Firevault panel passed and exceeded the test. This is the first panel to be tested and certified to this standard in the UK and Ireland.

This certified panel will now be used in all Firevault storage units.  The panel was heated on the exposed side to 970°C. and on the other side the primer paint did not show any visual degradation (panel 60mm). You can watch the testing of the panel below:

The test procedure
The panel was manufactured as a 3x2M insulated and double skinned ‘A’ class constructed panel which was prefabricated and shipped to the EXOVA facility in Warrington where the testing procedure was undertaken.

The test was conducted in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.307 (88), Annex 1: Part 3. The test took place over 64 mins and a full log of all temperatures achieved and withstood by the Firevault Panel was logged below:

Temp data

Firevault is delighted with the results of this fire panel test as it again exhibits the highest safety standards in the Firevault units. It is another stepping stone in Firevault’s mission to provide all our clients with the highest level of protection when storing flammable materials.

Firevault™ – Flammables Storage Experts.

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