PRESS RELEASE: Firevault Systems launches the world’s first DNV2.7-2 Certified Flammable Materials Safety Store

September 2, 2013


PRESS RELEASE: Firevault Systems launches the world’s first DNV2.7-2 Certified Flammable Materials Safety Store

Firevault Systems, the flammable storage expert, has launched Firevault™ DNV 2.7-2 Certified Flammable Materials Store, the world’s first flammable materials safety store to be certified to DNV2.7-2.

Designed to enhance offshore equipment safety standards, DNV2.7-2 is increasingly becoming a minimum requirement of oil and gas operators as the sector strives to improve safety standards. The standard was revised and extended in 2013 to include all temporary offshore service equipment which may be mounted on a frame or inside a container.

The Firevault™ DNV 2.7-2 Certified Flammable Materials Store came about after Firevault Systems successfully supplied a bespoke fire rated store to the UK oil and gas service provider, Mechtool. The unit was tested and approved by a Mechtool engineer before it was installed on the Golden Eagle Oil Rig in the North Sea.

Realising the demand for quality fire rated stores in the oil and gas sector, Firevault Systems worked closely with oil and gas maintenance operators including Bilfinger, Stork, Wood Group and Kaefer to design a product which would optimise safety while reducing wastage and costs. The next step was to get the product certified to a level used and accepted in the oil and gas industry which was when the company applied for Design Verification Approval for the 2.7-2 Module.

Explains Firevault Systems Marketing Director, Shane Carroll: “It has been a lengthy process to achieve this certification, taking 18 months in total but the fact that we are the first storage expert to achieve this reinforces our commitment to producing the highest quality flammable safety stores.

“The level of detail required by the standard was staggering. Every last nut, bolt, cable, clamp and component had to have a backup certificate and file. We have ended up with a document which has over 500 pages of text, drawings and certificates.

“We finally received approval for the first certified flammable materials store in the world in December 2015. We are also confident that it will remain that way for a considerable time to come.”

As part of the R&D process Firevault Systems also needed to source or manufacture a fire rated panel for use in the module which had to be certified and approved to the IMO FTP A60 standard.

The company decided to manufacture its own panel which passed the required test at the EXOVA Warrington Laboratory in October 2015 and is now the first panel to be tested and certified to this standard in the UK and Ireland.

This certified double skin panel is now used in all Firevault Systems units with the testing process available to view on the company’s YouTube channel: link where it shows the panel being heated on one side to 1067 degrees with the primer paint on the other side not showing any visual degradation (panel 60mm).

Concludes Shane: The DNV2.7-2 certification brings the Firevault brand to the next level of safe structural certification. In achieving this certification standard, it positions Firevault Systems as the number one provider of certified, fire rated storage solutions for hazardous materials in the world.

“We will continue to research and develop new products which will ensure our clients continue to comply and conform to any new legislative requirements in the area of hazardous material handling and storage.

“I would like to thank and congratulate the whole Firevault team on this ground-breaking achievement and we look forward to beginning production of the certified DNV 2.7-2 Solvent & Paint in Store in January 2016.”

Key applications for the Firevault™ DNV 2.7-2 Certified Flammable Materials Store include:


  • Safe and secure storage for hazardous materials, petroleum products, solvents, adhesives, lubricants and chemicals.
  • Emergency Critical Equipment Storage for fire and chemical suits, breathing apparatus, personnel protective equipment, emergency recovery equipment, dry suits and critical items.
  • Remote changing facilities for emergency response personnel
  • Critical equipment protection enclosure


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