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A Brief Guide to Flammable Solvent Storage

August 19, 2014

Any dedicated external flammables store must be fire-rated and a minimum distance of 2 meters away from any source of ignition or public right of way. They are considerably more expensive to build than a safety cabinet. asecos cabinets are for internal use only; they reduce the need to transport flammable liquids across site and are an excellent solution where local storage is required.

Most commonly used at the moment are cheaper single skinned BS476 cabinets. They allow the following volumes to be stored in any room:

  • For highly flammable solvents with a flashpoint less than 21oc, the maximum level that can be stored is 50 litres.
  • For flammable solvents with a flashpoint from 21 to 60 oc, the maximum level that can be stored is 250 litres.
  • In both cases the room size is irrelevant.

These figures do not apply when BS EN 14470-1 type cabinets are used. They are the equivalent of an external store for internal local use. Subject to a risk assessment there is no restriction to the volumes that can be stored in an EN14470 cabinet.

The main reason for the difference in the volumes allowed for the two types is that BS EN 14470 cabinets have far better fire performance than single skins, and have to be independently tested to prove this. Refer to the asecos catalogue for a full list of features.

We’ll work with you to select the best Flammable Solvent Storage Solution that meets your requirements.

Flammable Solvent Storage

We will…..

  • Establish which solvents the customer needs to store and identify the total volume and dimensions of containers being used. We will determine if any are highly toxic or environmentally dangerous, and if so seek specialist advice. You can also refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for advice.
  • Take measurements of any available spaces where cabinets might be used. This might be under fume cupboards for example; there can be hidden restrictions such as support framework or benches that must be taken into consideration. Remember to account for doors in the fully open position.
  • Having gathered all necessary data, specific cabinets can now be offered. Remember that tall cabinets are cheaper in terms of value per litre stored. Consider 30 minute versus 90 minute fire resistant options and what would be more suitable. Establish what level of interior furniture will be required. Note that products with internal partitions are available when segregation is an issue. Identify if local extraction is available. If not, we have a range UFA air re-circulators, they are a small with an in-built filtration system, refer to the asecos catalogue.
  • Finally check that the floor can take the weight of the cabinet, figures of each are published in the asecos catalogue and establish delivery required either to the point of use or behind first door (goods-in).

Please note:

Examples of Highly Flammable Solvents = Acetone, Methanol

Examples of Flammable Solvents = Diesel, Turpentine

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