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Activated Carbon Filter

Remove flammable vapours from within the ASECOS cabinets using the UFA system.

Where in line extraction is not possible why not use the Plug-in recirculating air filter system for Asecos tall cabinets ( VBFA, VBFT, VBF and drum cabinets.) It provides safe air extraction for safety cabinets in work areas and eliminates the risk of explosion around the safety cabinet.

  • The plug in re circulating air filter system UFA.20.30 is capable of retaining solvent vapours (hydrocarbons) permanently up to a filter saturation of more than 99.99%
  • Direct release of the cleaned extraction air into the work area
  • No contact of the extraction air flow with live components
  • Extraction air monitoring with alarmactivation
  • Permanent monitoring of filter saturation with alarm notification
  • ATEX and CE compliant