Aerospheres – Internal Segregation and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals and Flammables

The clients requirements

Aeropsheres planned to move to a new facility and upgrade their internal flammable and corrosive storage facilities but had a tight deadline to have the units delivered before the products could be moved. Over 1400 products needed to be stored safely internally in Fire Rated segregated storage facilities. Maintaining segregation, enabling decanting and including atex extraction and lighting facilities were all essential at the same time as maximising storage space.

“We have been very pleased. We identified the need to improve on our material handling so we asked the Chemstore team to come in and assess what we need and take us down a path to design some units which would meet our requirements. The production cycle was extremely fast and within 90 days the units been delivered and installed. We are very pleased with the overall quality of the units and the doors which has exceeded our expectations.”

Ken Prusterholz



Our solution

Chemstore received the enquiry for segregated storage from Bryan Thornton, General Manager at Aerospheres on a move they would be undertaking and would like to improve the chemical storage at the new facility.

Chemstore UK Managing Director Mike Brodie and Chemstore Sales Manager Stephen Mansell attended the site and got to work on designing various storage solutions to safely segregate and store the 1400+ products onsite, which included a 96DSD Firevault, a Walk in Corvault and various segregated bespoke Firevaults with a specialist area to decant flammables into smaller contains while removing harmful flammble vapours out of the building  The finished layout maximised storage space while maintaining segregation where needed.

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