It can Really Happen (Video)

February 11, 2015

The use of hazardous and combustible materials is part of the daily routine in most laboratories and industries. The improper storage of such materials puts people, the environment and propertyStorage units in danger. The video shows the serious consequences that can result from the incorrect storage of flammable liquids. Due to a mistake from a laboratory employee a fire breaks out, the incorrect storage of the flammable materials accelerate the spread of fire and leads to a serious fire and explosion. The employees are heavily injured, the laboratory manager is arrested and the building is completely destroyed — the company is shut down!

The video then shows how such an incident can be avoided by the purchase of a type 90 safety storage cabinet and the correct storage of flammable liquids. In case of fire the cabinets prevent the substances stored within from assisting the spread of the fire. A special fire-retardant construction makes this possible. asecos offers a wide range of safety storage cabinets in numerous types and for different needs. The cabinets comply with the highest quality standards and have been tested in accordance with the European norm 14470 and GS (approved safety).

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