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Knowing the correct Spill Kits to have on your Premises

October 11, 2013

Choosing a Spill Kit may seem like a daunting task. With different type available, how do you know which spill kit will be the correct one for your needs. Knowing which type of Spill Kit really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Here at Chemstore Environmental we can help you narrow down the selection to a few kits that will be suitable for your situation.


1. What liquids will you be absorbing?

Choosing a spill kit with absorbents designed to absorb both water and oil-based liquids when responding to an oil spill on water can be a costly mistake. Also having a spill kit available with limited compatibility when responding to a highly corrosive liquid may result in an undesirable chemical reaction. By knowing what liquids are used in your facility, you can select the correct variety of kit to meet your needs. Chemstore Environmental offer professional advice and carry the complete and full range available.


2. What is the volume of your worst-case scenario spill?

You need to know the largest amount of liquid that could be spilled from a single container or holding tank. If your liquids are stored in drums, this would likely be the contents of an entire drum, If you store liquid in totes, consider the volume of your largest tote – usually anywhere from 200 to 500 gallons.


3. What type of container works best for your location?

The majority of companies choose to locate spill kits in every area prone to spills, such as loading docks, drum storage areas, dispensing stations and waste fluid collection stations. Others companies choose to have one or two kits that can be transported to the area where a liquid is spilled. Chemstore Environmental can advise on what to have and where. Chemstore Environmental 30 Litre spill kits have handles that make them easy to carry to the site of a spill. Dollies and wheeled containers are available to make larger kits portable. Some kits can even be transported with a forklift.


4. Do you already have a cabinet or container for your kit?

There is no regulation that tells you what a spill kit must include, or what the container must look like. If you already have a storage cabinet in an area where you’d like to put a spill kit, or if you have old spill kit containers that just need to be restocked, nearly all of our spill kits have refills available. Simply choose a refill based on your absorbency needs and stock it in the container or cabinet already at your facility.

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