New EN 14470-2 safety regulations for gas cylinder cabinets

September 19, 2008

The new Euronorm EN 14470-2 will  replace DIN 12925-2 upon publication.

The new EN 14470-2 standard classifies fire resistance into four classes from G15 up to G90 (fire resistance of 15 up to 90 minutes). Each type of cabinet has to be fire chamber tested. Tests can only be carried out by an authorised material testing institute. Due to the changes and considerably stricter test requirements, safety cabinets approved in accordance with DIN 12925-2 no longer comply with the increased safety standard of EN 14470-2.

The new EN 14470-2 regulations mean the operator now has the same standard for the storage and installation of pressure gas bottles as for the storage of flammable liquids.

The key requirements of EN 14470-2 are:

Applies to gas cylinder storage cabinets with max volume of 220 litres
Denomination of fire resistance changed to G
Classification changed to four classes; G15, G30, G60 and G90
Fire resistance must be proven by an independent institute
Cabinet should be shipped with test certificate or manufacturer declaration of conformity

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