Organic Peroxide Storage- Firevault

Organic Peroxide Storage – Stainless Steel

Typically, chemical stores would be fabricated from mild steel which is then over-painted with a 2-part or 3-part industrial paint system. Standard units would also have exposed galvanized grid decking onto which the pallets would rest – these are unpainted and therefore expose the mild steel to the chemicals stored – in this case Organic Peroxide. Read on for our solution to your organic peroxide storage needs.

When designing an organic peroxide store a Grade 316 stainless steel finish is required, in all locations that could come into contact with the Peroxide. This includes the storage areas, the spillage retention bunds and the fire water retention tank.

The relevant HSE Guidance reference is called: –

 CS21 – The Storage and Handling of Organic Peroxides. – Download it here

This is written, specifically to cover the

“… handling and storage of organic peroxides at customer or user sites.”

It clearly details the hazards associated with exposing such chemicals to mild/carbon steel: –

“… commercially available organic peroxides are capable of self heating and runaway decomposition. Initiation is by heating or contamination with, for example, transition metal compounds (particularly those of vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron and cobalt) amines, strong acids and alkalis.”

 Furthermore, para 28, when discussing the handling of organic peroxides, states that: –

“… All containers and equipment which come into contact with peroxides must be compatible. Suitable materials include glass, porcelain, polyethylene and 316 grade stainless steel.”


  • firevault organic peroxide storage side angle view
  • Firevault organic peroxide storage
  • Inside of firevault store
  • Inside of Firevault
  • firevault


  • firevault organic peroxide storage side angle view
  • Firevault organic peroxide storage
  • Inside of firevault store
  • Inside of Firevault
  • firevault
  • Fire Water Holding Tank

    One of the main features of the design is to incorporate a fire water holding tank within the base of the Firevault.

    Our Organic Peroxide Store Includes: –

    • Fire water holding tank (this is also cooled)
    • Waste fire water & chemical spillage retention tank.

    This features offers the following key benefits: –

    1. Chemical Compatibility

    Both tanks are made from stainless steel.

    This ensures, if there is a chemical spill, the organic peroxides cannot come into contact with incompatible metals.

    This is very important, especially in the sump, where prolonged exposure to the chemical is likely if a spill goes un-noticed over a length of time which will eventually cause the failure of an applied paint finish, exposing the base metal and rust to the organic peroxide.

    1. Tank / Bunk Capacity

    Sufficient fire water is retained ready for use. To deliver 15L/m²/minute of mist for 40 minutes. The tank is capable of holding an entire release of fire water – but also an entire release of product.

    Failure to do so can result in very significant fines from the HSE / EA.

    1. Fire Water Retention

    The fact that the Firevault design holds it’s own water supply allows for huge peace of mind.

    1. In the event of fire, there might well be a drop in available water pressure – possibly due to fire crews using water elsewhere on site – possibly due to low Summer water pressure or supply issues in general.
    2. The water held within the Firevault is cooled . This means that, when the fire water is needed, it will be guaranteed to be applied at the correct temperature and not (possibly) at far higher temperatures if the mains supply has for example been heated by the sun.
    3. The system automatically tops itself up to ensure it’s readiness. The levels are also drainable, visible and replaceable.
    4. Typically, standard storage options would be mains fed and not offer any control to turn off the mist after the required 40mins. In these cases, the sprinklers would continue to run indefinitely, until manually turned off. Even if standard designs had increased sump capacity to retain fire water, they could easily be over-filled and would allow contaminated fire water to overflow.

    Chemstore Expertise

    Chemstore are the UK’s number 1 specialist in exactly this type of project.

    For a number of years we no longer focus on supplying the typical market ‘metal boxes’, but instead have taken time and great effort to develop a full range of bespoke fire-rated specialist equipment for similar scenarios.