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Fuel Storage Accessories

Electronic Contents Gauge
Our Electronic Tank Contents Gauge is the ideal way to measure the contents of storage tanks, up to 3 metres tall. A tank mounted transmitter unit measures the level of fuel remaining inside the tank and relays this information to a display unit, which cleverly and conveniently plugs into a standard domestic socket. No wiring or specialist tools are required and this system is suitable for use with Kerosene (C1 / C2); Diesel (D) and Agricultural Fuel Oils to British Standard BS2869 and Water. Supplied as standard with all our Single Skin Tanks, bunded Tanks and Fuel Stations.

Fuel Management Keys – 10 Pack
A pack of 10 magnetic keys for use with all fuel management systems factory fitted to 5000FS and 10000FS Fuel Stations. Ideal for replacement purposes or to increase the number of authorised users. Please note that all fuel management systems fitted to our Fuel Station are supplied complete with a ‘starter pack’ of 10 keys.

Overfill Prevention Probe
Our Electronic Probe ensures failsafe overfill prevention at any oil storage installation – when used in conjunction with an LRC enabled tanker and is fully compliant with the relevant requirements of European Standard EN13616 and OFTEC’s OFS T100 Standard.

Replacement Filter Cartridge
Replacement 10 micron fuel filter to suit any of our Fuel Stations incorporating a 10 micron fuel filtration system

This ever-popular Loop De-Aerator removes residual air from the fuel, promoting enhanced boiler efficiency, cleaner combustion and a more efficient burn. This Loop also does away with the need for an undesirable return line on top outlet and wall mounted installations. Please note that our Loop is suitable only  for use with pressure jet burners. If in doubt, please contact appliance manufacturer prior to installation.