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Safety Corner: Storage within the Work Area

June 19, 2014

In an ideal situation, all flammable materials would be stored away from work areas and out of harm’s way. However, in the run of day to day operations, this is normally impractical. This is where our asecos safety cabinets excel at providing safe storage for hazardous and flammable materials which can be easily accessed within the work area. This allows for maximum efficiency, without compromising safety.

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Our Asecos Safety Cabinets are designed to do the following:

  • Provide the highest degree of safety for employees and the environment
  • Provide maximum possible safety for your investment
  • Guarantee the highest degree of fire protection available today
  • Prevent explosions
  • Prevent the spreading of an existing fire
  • Provide sufficient time for employees to safely exit the building and for fire fighters to rescue people and extinguish the fire

 Asecos Safety Cabinets | Chemical cabinets 1

Asecos Safety Cabinets | Chemical cabinets 2

Asecos Safety Cabinets | Chemical cabinets 3

The cabinets offer the following advantages in terms of efficiency:

  • Minimizing internal transport of hazardous material from the storage room to the workplace
  • All hazardous materials for the daily use can be stored safely directly at the workplace
  • Efficient use of working time as there is no need to go long ways every day just to bring flammables in and out from the central storage room
  • Fast access to the bottles and containers as they are clearly arranged
  • Maximum user safety


The following are essential for safe usage:

  • Just the minimum quantities which are needed for a certain job are in use at the workplace. All other hazardous materials are stored safely in the fire resistant cabinet.
  • Maximum fire protection due to the centralized storage of all flammables at the workplace in a fire resistant safety storage cabinet (Type 90 – EN 14470-1).
  • Explosive atmospheres are avoided when hazardous material is stored in safety storage cabinets which are technically ventilated.


Learn more about our asecos Safety Storage Cabinets HERE, or for more information, phone now on 0208 704 1807 or email

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