UFA Filter System UFA.025.30

The primary goal of the UFA filter system is:

  1. Avoidance of hazardous explosive atmospheres with safe technical ventilation of the type 90 cabinet.
  2. Compliance with the workplace exposure limits.

Product Features:

  1.  The main filter filling is approximately 6L.
  2.  Additional secondary filter stage offers even more safety in case of filter breakthrough (e.g after leakage)
  3.  New electronic monitoring includes gas detection (sensor) of the latest generation and consideration of all relevant parameters (humidity, temperature etc.) including modern electronic exhaust air monitoring via differential pressure.
  4.  Unmistakable warning and error indication on the display.
  5.  The new robust and chemical-resistant PE filter housing is even more suitable for reuse. When the filter is changed by the Chemstore service, the contaminated filters are taken and recycled sustainably. Filter housings are cleaned and reused, activated carbon is reconditioned and reused in industry.
  6. Query options for the user via the operating menu:
  • Serial Number
  • Days until filter change
  • Days until recommended sensor change

Suitable for S-Classic-90, S-Pegasus-90, Q-Line, V-Line, UB-Line, CS.195.105.F and E.195.095.F model cabinets.

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