Organic Peroxide Storage- Firevault

Organic Peroxide Storage – Stainless Steel

Typically, chemical stores would be fabricated from mild steel which is then over-painted with a 2-part or 3-part industrial paint system. Standard units would also have exposed galvanized grid decking onto which the pallets would rest – these are unpainted and therefore expose the mild steel to the chemicals stored – in this case Organic Peroxide. Read on for our solution to your organic peroxide storage needs.

When designing an organic peroxide store a Grade 316 stainless steel finish is required, in all locations that could come into contact with the Peroxide. This includes the storage areas, the spillage retention bunds and the fire water retention tank.

The relevant HSE Guidance reference is called: –

 CS21 – The Storage and Handling of Organic Peroxides. – Download it here

This is written, specifically to cover the

“… handling and storage of organic peroxides at customer or user sites.”

It clearly details the hazards associated with exposing such chemicals to mild/carbon steel: –

“… commercially available organic peroxides are capable of self heating and runaway decomposition. Initiation is by heating or contamination with, for example, transition metal compounds (particularly those of vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron and cobalt) amines, strong acids and alkalis.”

 Furthermore, para 28, when discussing the handling of organic peroxides, states that: –

“… All containers and equipment which come into contact with peroxides must be compatible. Suitable materials include glass, porcelain, polyethylene and 316 grade stainless steel.”