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March 3, 2016

Standard Back Supports

  • Simple Economy Belt 4”/10cm Wide.
  • Made from Rubber ‘Bio Gel’ with LECRA and Polyester Covering.
  • Simple One Action Velcro and Buckle Fastening.
  • Individually Packaged with Header Card

Premium Back Support  

  • Top of the Range 9”/23cm Wide.
  • Contour Support with Wide Elastic Back Panels.
  • 6 Plastic Stays to Eliminate Riding Up.
  • Complete with Rapid Release Shoulder Straps.
  • Easy Velcro Fastening Action. Individually Packaged with Header Card

Elbow Support

Fully-adjustable for a secure, exact fit – over clothes or next to skin. Designed to maximise comfort during jobs that require repetitive arm motions.

Wrist Support

Proflex wrist supports are practical, effective tools to reduce the risks of painful tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist injuries associated with repetitive wrist bending. Follows natural shape of the wrist Pulls moisture away to protect against odour and bacteria build-up. RH=Right Hand, LH=Left Hand.

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