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XL90.222.155.WDAS 90 Minute Fire Rated Cabinet

The asecos range of Fire Rated Cabinet are a renowned standard of quality employed throughout a full range of industries in the UK.

90 minutes fire-resistant

Fire Rated Cabinet Features:

W x D x H (mm): 1555W X 1018D X 2224H (mm)

  • User-friendly and safe: door open arrest system (standard), convenient and safe removal or storage of containers
  • No unauthorised use: doors lockable with cylinder lock
  • Internal flexibility: transport base (optional) for safe and easy in-house transport
  • Ventilation: integrated air ducts ready for connection (DN75) to a technical exhaust system
  • Safety while decanting: end-to-end earthing link at the rear panel, inside with earthing wires incl. clamp

Cabinets certified to:

  • EN 14470-1
  • FM 6050
  • EN 14727
  • GS-Mark  CE

Cabinet Weight: 1,150 Kg

Storage: 1 No. adjustable shelf and 1 no. bottom collecting sump with perforated insert.

Spillage Collection: 225 L Leak tested, welded steel, liquid collection sump in base. 

Access: Twin hinged wing doors

Finish: Chemical resistant powder coat finish

The asecos range of cabinets for internal storage of hazardous materials are a market leading innovative solutions. Chemstore are the preferred supplier for asecos in Ireland and the UK.

  • Asecos XL Cabinet
  • Asecos XL Cabinet
  • Model
    Ext Dimensions
    Distributed Load
    Storage Volume
    1555 x 1018 x 2224 mm
    1150 kg
    75 kg
    225 Litres